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Before your first visit…

Once you’ve scheduled your Initial Exam with The Den Chiropractic, you will be sent the intake form and lifestyle assessment to complete. Please be sure to have this paperwork filled out prior to your first visit or your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

Your first visit…

Your first visit allows us to connect with you and learn all about your specific wellness goals and any concerns about your health you may have. Whether you come in with health concerns or are a wellness patient, our office will focus on discovering the root cause of any health imbalances in your body. In order to achieve this, during the first visit we will do a complete + comprehensive neuro-spinal analysis.

First, we will utilize 3 CLA Insight Scanning technologies of your nervous system. These state-of-the art scans are of the highest accuracy, validity, and reliability of neuro-spinal examinations on the market today. Using the scans we are able to examine the entire neuro-spinal system for regulation and balance, and to detect any areas of dysfunction. This allows us to graphically pinpoint where lifestyle stressors are affecting your health. These scans are safe for all ages, so rest assured that you and your children are getting the best care.

After the scans are completed, you will receive a comprehensive structural analysis. This gives us a deeper look into any structural compensations your body might be experiencing due to mal-adaptations from the stressors placed on your nervous system. In some circumstances for adult patients, the results of this structural analysis will warrant the need for x-rays of the spine. This helps your doctor further assess the health of your nervous system and ensure that the recommended care plan will be safe and effective for each individual person. Your doctor will discuss the need for x-rays with you when applicable at your appointment.

We do not guess when it comes to your health. For this reason, after all testing is complete, your doctor will take time to analyze your exam findings after the appointment, and before doing any adjustments. This will allow them to determine the best and most unique care plan to help you and your family reach your health goals.

Your second visit...

When you return to the office for your follow-up visit, the doctor will sit down with you to review the details of your initial exam findings. They will then present your specific care plan recommendations to help you reach your health goals. When coming in with your whole family, there will also be family plans available to you to ensure a smooth and easy process for everyone.

At this second visit, we will answer any questions that you may have. If you decide to move forward with your care plan, you will receive your first adjustment from The Den Chiropractic and be one step closer to reaching true health with your family!

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Achieving true health doesn’t have to be complicated. At The Den, we simplify health for you using a more modern, innovative, and comprehensive approach to well-being for the whole family.

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