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At The Den Chiropractic, we’re not just another clinic – we’re a community dedicated to nurturing the well-being of families in Kelowna. Our mission is to provide a new standard of natural healthcare for whole family wellness.

Dr. Kent Rempel and Dr. Emily Rempel are passionate about empowering you and your loved ones with specific chiropractic care that aligns with your goals, values and lifestyle. We understand that your health journey is unique, and we’re here to provide the support, knowledge, and care you deserve.

Offering Pediatric and
Family Chiropractic Services in Kelowna


mama bears

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, and at The Den, we are dedicated to providing uplifting and expert care to support you every step of the way.

little cubs

Birth is tough work for both mama bears and their baby cubs. There are a lot of pressures and forces being exerted onto your baby during their journey into the world.
KIDS & Teens

bear necessities

A clear and balanced nervous system is vital for setting up kids and teenagers for lifelong health and growth.

papa bears, too

We stand for healthy families — dads and grandparents included! We focus on serving and supporting the entire family with wellness care plans.

Meet Our Team

We want to be your first choice in healthcare. With that in mind, our focus is on inspiring our community to live a healthier lifestyle by connecting people to their true potential through chiropractic, love, and service.

Dr. Kent Rempel

Family + Pediatric + Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Emily Burton

Family + Pediatric Chiropractor

We love hearing from our
happy Den families

Achieving true health doesn’t have to be complicated. At The Den, we simplify health for you using a more modern, innovative, and comprehensive approach to well-being for the whole family.

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