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Nervous-System Focused Chiropractic

Wellness Chiropractic is not the treatment of conditions or disease; rather, it is the restoration of normal body function. Our chiropractors work with the nervous system via specific neuro-spinal adjustments, which reduces stress-related interference to the nervous system, and enhances overall brain & body function. Every system in the body — circulatory, digestive, eliminatory, hormonal, glandular, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, and skeletal — depends on the optimal function of the nervous system.

With chiropractic, true healing is coming from within the body rather than from the chiropractor’s adjustment. And it’s not just about popping or cracking to relieve back pain. Chiropractic care should always begin with the nervous system to determine what interferences are causing the imbalance; and removing those, rather than just a ‘Band-Aid’ approach of only addressing the physical symptoms.

Chiropractic care is the foundation for true health because it unleashes your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our chiropractors use a tonal analysis through the MC2 technique to determine where the nervous system interference is located within your body and are trained in Diversified, Thompson, Activator, Toggle, and Torque Release Techniques.
Our Focus

CLA Insight Scanners

We use the latest technology from CLA INSiGHT scanners. CLA INSiGHT is a computerized, non-invasive, painless test that allows us to get a baseline of how your body is reacting to the stressors mentioned above. It measures how your nerves communicate with your muscles, how your nerves communicate with your organs, and how your nervous system adapts to stress.

These scans allow us to accurately detect dysfunction in your nervous system beyond what you may be feeling or experiencing symptomatically. They are incredibly informative tests that don’t cause any discomfort. They’re safe and gentle for the entire family — even newborns!

The INSiGHT scans are made up of the three most important spinal-neural tests: Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Surface EMG, and Thermal — which work together to tell us how stress is impacting your overall health and well-being.

In our everyday life, our nervous system perceives and has to adapt to:

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