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Creating a Kid-Friendly Summer Routine: Balancing Fun and Health

Summer is a fantastic time for kids to enjoy outdoor activities, soak up the Okanagan sunshine, and make lasting memories. For moms, it can be hard to find a balance between fun and maintaining healthy habits for both themselves and their children. Here are some strategies to help establish a daily routine that ensures both summer fun and well-being during the sunny season.


Morning Routine: Start the Day Right

Healthy Breakfast

Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast that includes fruits, whole grains, and protein. This can set a positive tone for the day and provide the energy needed for morning activities.

Outdoor Exercise

Take advantage of the cooler morning hours for physical activities. A walk in the park, a bike ride, or a simple backyard play session can be invigorating. One of our favorite parks is Mission Creek Regional Park.


Mid-Morning: Engaging and Educational Activities

Creative Playtime

Encourage creativity with arts and crafts, or set up a sensory play station. This can be both fun and educational, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Story Time

Dedicate time for reading. This could be a quiet reading session at home or a visit to the local library for story hour. The Okanagan Regional Library has a great summer reading program for all ages. Read more about their Preschool Read to Me Club for ages 0-5, the Summer Reading Club for kids ages 5-12, and Level Up Summer Challenge for ages 13+. 


Lunchtime: Balanced and Nutritious Meals

Healthy Lunch

Prepare a balanced lunch that includes vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Engage kids in the kitchen by letting them help with simple meal preparations.

Hydration Break

Ensure everyone stays hydrated, especially during the hotter parts of the day. Incorporate fun hydration options like homemade fruit-infused water or smoothies. We also love using clean electrolyte powders to flavour our water and add extra hydration in the summer months instead of sugary drinks like gatorade. Our favourite is LMNT


Afternoon: Fun in the Sun

Outdoor Adventures

Plan outdoor activities that can keep kids active and engaged. This could include a trip to one of our great local beaches, or a nature hike.

Educational Outings

Incorporate educational trips to places like museums, science centers, or zoos. These outings can be both fun and enriching. One that we love is the Okanagan Science Centre in Vernon with their weekly planetarium show in the fixed roof dome.


Late Afternoon: Relaxation and Wind Down

Quiet Time

After a busy day, allow for some quiet time where kids can relax with a book, engage in puzzles, or enjoy some screen time with educational content.

Healthy Snacks

When the kids are constantly complaining about being hungry, offer healthy snacks such as yogurt, nuts, or fruit to keep their energy levels steady until dinner.


Evening: Family Time and Routine

Dinner Together

Make dinner a family affair. Prepare meals together and use this time to catch up and bond over the day’s activities.

Evening Walks

A post-dinner walk can be a wonderful way to wind down the day, offering both relaxation and light physical activity.


Bedtime: Consistent and Calming Routine

Bedtime Routine

Establish a consistent bedtime routine with activities like a warm bath, story time, and calm music. This helps signal to kids that it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Sleep Hygiene

Ensure the sleeping environment is cool, quiet, and conducive to good sleep. Maintaining a regular bedtime, even during the summer, helps kids get the rest they need.


By creating a balanced summer routine, you can ensure that both fun and health are prioritized. This not only keeps kids active and engaged but also helps maintain their well-being and happiness. Making sure you keep up with their wellness adjustments also keeps them healthy, making your summer a memorable one! 

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